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take it, or leave it.... O_o take it

she wanted him, he wanted me

the name says it all
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This is not really a community for The Strokes, but for Strokes slash*.

*Slash, for those of you who don't know, are stories written with either implied or explicit homosexual relationships, mostly male/male.

brother/sister/lover community: tinskinnyties.

DISCLAIMER: This community and the stories contained herein are not meant to imply any homosexual relationships between any member(s) of the Strokes. Anything we write here, unless quoted from a magazine or other such reliable source, is a product of our own imaginations.

Please join this community accordingly.


This community is geared towards stories, either your own or reccing (with permission), and to the improvement of the writers and their work.

Rules regarding any slash posted for a challenge or otherwise:

1.It has to be about the Strokes, and it has to be slash. Het elements are allowed, but there must be slash.
-- Other bands that are close to the Strokes are also allowed, as long as one of the Strokes gets slashed in the same story.
-- Julian/Nick is our otp too, but that's not all we want to read about. Try Fab/Nikolai or something.

2. Always put Title, Pairing, Rating, Author, Disclaimer, and any Notes you may feel help the story.

3. BETA YOUR FICS. Or spellcheck. Anything.

4. Try to stay within the guidelines of the challenge, but be creative. And we're not going to turn down boykissing simply because we didn't issue a challenge for it. Just put a little note by the side that says something to the effect of "Not written for the challenge."
-- Anyone can suggest topics.

5. Feedback is a beautiful thing. And try constructive criticism - some people really want it, and some people really need it. PLEASE NOTE: you may and will be constructively criticized in this community, but you can't take it to heart. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

6. IMPORTANT: Even though we've all read in just about any magazine article that Julian kisses boys when he's drunk, ALWAYS POST A DISCLAIMER saying that you made all this shit up. Save yourself and our asses. Just, disclaimer.

7. Stories may be cross-posted from other communities, because not everyone is a member of every community.
-- We support other communities. So promoting a/your community is ok, as long as it is along the same lines as strokeslash, AND as long as you e-mail us first.

8. If there's any shit going on, whether it be spamming or personal attacks or any catfighty, girly, junior-high business, l0rn is the moderator - i resolve shit. Talk to me first.

9. Every Friday a new challenge will be posted.

10. We will soon archive the fics posted @ strokeslash online, so if you DO NOT want your stories archived, have any questions or special requirements, etc. let us know.

Slash safely, folks.