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[icon] Myyyy storyyyy - take it, or leave it.... O_o take it
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Subject:Myyyy storyyyy
Time:10:44 am
Current Mood:hothot
This is just some PWP
First time posting here
Pairing: Nick/Julian
Word count: 900
Disclaimer: you guys know it didn't happen
Rating: R for drugs and sex

Nick has been teasing me all night, I think. When we shared a cigarette, he blew the smoke on my neck. After we stopped at his dealer's apartment, to collect a bit of coke and an enormous bag of pot, he stood shivering in his tshirt, as if daring me to pull him close. He knows what I like. Back at his apartment, we jam together for awhile on our guitars, and then he plays Sugaree while I roll us a joint.
Nick sets his fender on its stand, and puts his head on my lap. I stroke his hair, light the joint, and take a long drag. Nick does the same, and exhales through his nose. He insists you get higher that way, but I think he's full of shit. When we've smoked it down to the roach, he pulls himself up by my shoulders, and drops a soft kiss on my mouth. I try to reciprocate, but he pulls back, grinning.
"Quit teasing me,"
"But you're so cute, Julian" he says, and does it again. I grab him by the waist and pull him in, close. He moans softly. I kiss him deeper, and he digs his nails into my back. I tug at the bottom of his Birra Moretti shirt, and before he's pulled it over his head, I'm kissing his neck and shoulders and chest, and rubbing his hipbones. I trace his ribs over with my tongue. He snatches at my shirt, so I pull it off, but by now he's my prisoner, pinned down on the couch.
"Please what?" I trace a finger along his hipbone and he shivers in my arms.
"Please make me feel good-Ah!" I've bitten down on his neck, and then I'm unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them down his skinny legs. I lick his inner thigh just for the sake of driving him crazy. When I wrap my lips around the head of his cock, he moans softly. I take him as far in as I want to go, but as usual, he pushes down on my head and it's okay. I even like deep-throating a little bit, if only because of the little sounds he makes. He comes on my neck, and sighs. We lie together for a few minutes, him holding me close.
"Your turn," he whispers in my ear. His hair tickles my cheek. "Someone's excited, huh?" I sit up, as he roughly shoves my jeans down around my ankles. Nick sucks me off amazingly; he's great with his tongue, and he swallows when I come. We're both out of breath, so I roll another joint, and we smoke it, naked and in each other's arms.
He begins to get that look in his eye, and then he slams me to the floor, kisses me. "You ready, baby?" He nibbles at my ear and my neck.
"Mmhmm," I say, and he pushes my knees up to my shoulders.
"Ow- ow ow, Nick, you're too big, I can't-"
"You can, babe," He slowly pushes into me, and I cry out.
"I can't- just let me- stop-"
"You can," he says, thrusts harder this time, and I bite down on his shoulder hard, "I'll go nice and slow, and you do whatever you want to deal with the pain, okay?"
I nod. He still has me pressed firmly to the floor, and I cling to him as he fucks me, biting his shoulder.
"You're so tight," he wonders, "Have you ever even had a guy top you before?" I shake my head. "I guess I should've known that." All the time talking, he continues to move his hips. I can feel him inside me. It hurts, but at the same time, it's perfect.
"You can...go faster now,"
"Yeah? You want it?"
"You know I do," I whine, and he obliges. I moan.
"Faster...and harder."
"Do what harder?"
"Nick, stop fucking with me," I bite his arm.
"All you gotta do is say it.'"
"Fuck me harder!"
"What's the magic word...?"
"Please! Please take me and fuck me hard, I want you to-ah!" He does, and we rock back and forth on the floor together, our breathing rapid. I moan as he pushes hard into me. "I've never heard you sound like this, Jules."
I reply by kissing his collarbone and lightly scratching his back. I notice the smallest trickle of sweat on his forehead. He smells like smoke, resin, and New York air.
After awhile of what he's giving me, he moves his hand over to grip my cock and begins jerking me off. He roughly kisses my lips and that's when I come, onto his flat, soft stomach. Nick does only a minute later, and then pulls out of me.
I rest my head on his chest, and he puts an arm around my shoulders. Suddenly, I feel incredibly tired.
"Wanna go to bed?"
"Okay." I shuffle into Nick's bedroom, and slide under his blankets. He comes in a minute later and hands me a glass of water. I smile up at him.
"Jules, you're so cute, it shouldn't even be allowed."
I hold out my arms to him and he falls on me. He kisses my forehead, snuggles into me, and when I next open my eyes, the sun is rising, making shadows through the window. Nick is breathing softly next to me; his hands linger on my back and I close my eyes again.
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Time:2013-03-10 10:29 pm (UTC)
Yaaaay!!! A post! Thanks you're the best haha. I really liked this, the smut was good and it was also super cute.
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Time:2013-03-11 11:39 am (UTC)
Mucho caliente. But I think I'd give that an NC-17 rating...as opposed to an R.

Keep posting!
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[icon] Myyyy storyyyy - take it, or leave it.... O_o take it
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View:The Strokes. Equal Marriage Rights. Bohemo.