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Subject:2nd Post >_>
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Title: Swimming Pools In Heaven
Pairing: Slight Al/Jules. Nik/Fab.
Summary: Deathfic.
Disclaimer: Thank god, none of this really happened.
Rating: R. Fights. Angst. Cursing. Death. Eternal Sadness.

[Swimming Pools In Heaven]

A fun, careless night between lifelong friends had been deliberately turned into a surreal nightmare.

As a result from endless beers, Albert's stationwagon lay idly in the middle of the blocked off street, on its side. One passenger still remained in, trapped inbetween distorted metal and the deathly grip of an overly tight seatbelt.

Nikolai silently held back tears of distress as he held back the screaming Fabrizio, who desperately tried to run over to his trapped best friend in the car.

Julian managed to keep a somber poker face as the ambulance slowly pulledd up. A police officer quietly comforted Albert, who has fallen to peices, repeating over and over that it was all his fault.

It took the paramedics several minutes before they recovered Nick's frail body from the manlged vehicle. As they put the unconcious guitarist on the stretcher, a clam officer approached the distraught band.

He spoke slowly and carefully, watching Fab intently, as if he might try to break loose and run over to the ambulance.

"Three of you can ride in my cruiser. One can go with him."

Before Fab could cry out, Nikolai spoke.

"Julian, go with Nick. I don't want these two idiots to worry themselves to death, so they're going with me in the cruiser." He decided immediately, bringing the two band members into the police car with him.

With shaking legs, Julian stepped onto the ambulance; expecting the worst, secretly hoping that reverse phsycology would come through to him.

Nick was still unconscious, his big, blue eyes shielded by his eyelids. Damnit.

Julian hoped he could see those eyes again. The guitarist's mangled body was hidden by a light blue hospital sheet, yet bruises on Nick's angleic face were hard not to notice.

Julian's heart shattered as his eyes rested on Nick's hand.

His wrist. Broken, like a fragile twig, dangling limply. The same wrist that produced those beautiful, sweet ballads.


An unfamiliar sensation came over Julian, and as soon as he knew it, tear after tear ran down his face.

"M-man..." He muttered, trying to wipe his face, still relying on the slim chance of reverse phsycology.

"And here I thought I would never cry in front of any of the guys." Julian murmured, with a slight chuckle.

"I swear, officer, I-It was all me..." Albert pleaded shakily, rocking back and forth in the passenger's seat in the cruiser.

A small hiccup emerged from Fab, who had been crying mercilessly into Nikolai's chest, leaving a huge wet spot on his shirt. As the cruiser continued, slowly behind the ambulance. The officer warily kept his eyes on the road, as Albert swore on everything that was living that Nick's were all his fault.

"Seriously. J-Just put me in for D.U.I., p-pleas-"

"Albert shut the fuck up!!!" Nikolai exploded, making Fabrizio, who was still in his arms, flinch.

"It's not your fault!! It's nobody's fault. So just shut up until we get there!" The bassist roared, sliently steaming.

Albert finally fell silent, nodding bitterly.

As soon as the cruiser pulled up to the hospital, Albert sprang out of the car, and dashed after Julian and Nick. Nikolai held Fabrizio, helping him out of the car and into the hospital.

"Nick....I'm so sorry..." Albert apologized when he reached the room, wiping his eyes briefly."

Poor Fab took one look at Nick, and his body collapsed to the hard, linoleum floor like a rock. Nikolai took Fab out of the room as Julian and Albert stood somberly as Nick's besdside, being comforted by the doctor.

"Mr. Casa...Casa..." The doctor struggled, tripping over Julian's name.


"Mr. Casablancas....Mr. Hammond.."

"Hammond, junior." Albert hissed.

"Mr. Hammond, Jr. I apologize. But your friend here, he's in critical condition right now.He's on life support, but his breathing is coming to an abrupt stop."

The smell of something sour and metallic flowed into his nose and mouth as his anger rose to an unbearable point.

"There's nothing you can give him?"

"I'm sorry, there's nothi-"

"You mean, all these fucking medicines, and not ONE WILL HELP HIM?!" He screamed, smacking dozens of bottles of pills to the floor.

The singer gasped loudly as Albert grabbed him and pinned him to the floor, holding him still.

"Julian. Stop it, man. It's not going to solve anything!!" Albert yelled into his ear, knowing that the sane Julian could hear him somewhere in there.

"Then what is, Albert? You tell me! What the fuck is going to solve anything?!" Julian screamed, flailing his limbs outwards, slapping Albert sharply across the face.

Albert lost it.

Punch after punch, he threw at Julian's face, drawing more blood for each blow. Julian fought off Albert, managing to spin around, and slamming him to the floor, continuously bashing his head onto the hard floor.

"S-Stop, Julian! Fightin-"

Julian violently threw his fist at Al's face, stopping short in the middle of the attack.

"Fighting...It's not gonna solve anything, man. Look at us. We're fucking idiots."

Julian breathed in slowly, blood slowly trickling from his nose. And all at once, Julian was crying again. He collapsed onto Albert, sobbing into his chest, blood and tears mixing together, making a mess on Alber'ts shirt.

"It's okay, Julian. Nick's going to be fin-"


Julian gasped, his eyes widening. Albert's words caught in his throat, because words....are just words. They weren't going to make Nick better.

And there was nothing to be done now.

Albert held the speechless Julian tightly, no more words to say.

"N-Nick..." Julian sobbed, clutching onto Albert's shirt.

He would never be able to hear those unique, skilled riffs that Nick played just for fun, that any other person would take years to perfect. He would never again be able to stare into those pristine, blue eyes, that were as big and as blue as swimming pools.

"C'mon, Julian," Albert said softly, standing up with Julian in his arms.

"He...He's....In a better place."

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Time:2014-04-04 04:29 pm (UTC)
Not bad...but so depressing. What prompted a story that involved the death of one of the band members? It just seems so final.
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Time:2014-04-06 08:41 pm (UTC)
Hm.. I'm not completely sure what prompted the sudden decision to make this...I think I just needed to try something I've never really tried to do before, in this case, something more depressing as opposed to something more upbeat like usual. Yeah, pretty much. I wasn't quite sure how to end it...So that's probably why it seemed so final. But thank you for the feedback! It helps me a lot. :)
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[icon] 2nd Post >_> - take it, or leave it.... O_o take it
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