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[icon] First Story...? - take it, or leave it.... O_o take it
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Subject:First Story...?
Time:04:07 pm
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Well to be honest, I'm a little scared about posting this. It's still Work-In-Progress, and I guess this is just chapter one. I'm not gonna make it long and drawn out, but you know. Slashiness In second chapter. :)

Title: Dios Mio.
Pairing: Fab/Nikolai, slight Julian/Nikolai.
Rating: PG-13. Cursing and slightly suggestive stuff.
Disclaimer: It didn't happen. Ever.
Author's Note: You know, I'm pretty positive the band didn't quite form this way. But it didn't happen in real life so my imagination went wild. Also, there's no Albert in it. Sorry, Albie.

[Sighs Heavily Here We Go]Dios Mio. Oh God. It was starting to catch on. Ever since Julian and Nick took it upon themselves to welcome a new member in the band (well, at least Nikolai was unfamiliar to him), Nikolai was instantly on his toes. The new guy was a small, foreign looking boy, with dark, curly ringlets, and an all-too positive attitude that gave a weird vibe to the band, he thought.

And so, for the next several weeks, Nikolai would spend what used to be cherished nights with his best friends during the best years of his life, watching warily as Fab would tag along with them, being extremely immature.

But nobody seemed to mind. Not even Nick, whom had always been quite infamous for showing his rough exterior to newcomers; or anyone else from the outside world, pretty much.

It was amazing - and pretty hilarious to Nikolai, how Nick had such a split personality. One moment, those beautiful, crystal eyes would be just big, blue and helplessly adorable, yet in the next split second, they would be cold, and heartbreaking in an instant. They weren't like that around Fab.

Nikolai didn't really mind Fabrizio for the most part, but it amazed him, (not in particularly a good way,) how easily Fab fell into every single one of Julian's intoxicated, sexy man-traps. He didn't quite approve of it. It's not that his best friend was making more use out of Fab than a drummer. Nikolai knew that he could have Julian whenever he wanted to.

He just couldn't help but to notice and point out....That Fab was so fucking gullible. He was a little whore. And Nikolai really wanted to slap some sense into him about it.

But Nikolai found himself in another conflict with himself.

Why did he even care so fucking much about the kid?

If he truly didn't, he wouldn't be so mad at him. But why was he mad? He didn't care about Fab.

As Nikolai thought about this and scrutinized Fab's faults, the energetic drummer himself sauntered up to him with a swagger that screamed 'your'e trying way too hard, kid.'

"You need something?" The string of words flew bitterly from Nikolai's lips.

"I can't just stand next to you?" Fab shot back, having a razor sharp edge to his voice.

Nikolai raised his eyebrow and looked away coolly, thinking that maybe Fab did have the stuff that would fit for the band's 'cool' attitude criteria. As this thought processed through Niko's brain, a bitter smile tore across his thin lips.

"What're you smiling at, Niko?" A slightly tipsy Julian mused from across the room. All at once, everyone in the small room they practiced in looked up at him - perhaps for different reasons. Hell, what are the chances?

As if it were controlled by some remote, Nikolai's face snapped back to its serious default.

"Nothing." He replied quickly, fighting the red flush that spread across his cheeks instantly. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. This is not happening again.

Julian nearly sashayed over to him in a manner that Nikolai was positive looked good on nobody else except for Julian.

"Best friend," Julian teased, and also prying at Nikolai at the same time. How could he even have the nerve to do that while drunk, for Christ's sake?

He ran a smooth finger up Nikolai's hot throat, his half-lidded brown eyes showing a look of persistence, and also that relaxed, intoxicated look he always got. As Julian spoke, his alcohol-stained breath trailed into Nikolai's nose and mouth, sending up a burning sensation.

"Fuck off, Julian." Nikolai muttered through his teeth, shoving his drunken band mate aside. He knew only Julian, his best friend, would be able to see through him.

And right now, Nikolai was a glass door.

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[icon] First Story...? - take it, or leave it.... O_o take it
View:Recent Entries.
View:The Strokes. Equal Marriage Rights. Bohemo.